Eco Friendly


One euro per bib is refunded to the National Forest Office in favor of the Estérel massif, a jewel in which you will run


A beautiful day of solidarity between friends, Laurent Simon, Marcel Cordero, Richard Laures, Pierre Moussu. All volunteers and active organizers of the Trail des Balcons d'Azur

Here is a nice project proposed by Mr Frey responsible of the ONF, sector of the Three Terms.

Repair of a path dating from at least the 18th century where the ancients cultivated chickpeas, potatoes. We went back up for at least a km, strewn with pitfalls that time had left. All along the way we discovered the remains that our elders had shaped, restanques and highlighted sources.

Here are some pictures of the work done, in the middle of this forest of holm oaks and corks, 300 to 400 years old which has been preserved from the frequent forest fires in our region.



The trail qualifies the practice of running in nature, on a course with less than 20% of asphalted part. The very essence of the activity involves self-sufficiency or semi-self-sufficiency depending on the case, and leads to great respect for the places of practice, everyone takes their waste and leaves the site clean and in good state.

Therefore, each trail runner, in the race as in training, must be able to:

  • Ensure his own supplies of drinks and energy bars,
  • Give the alert (have a cell phone, a whistle),
  • Look after his own safety by being equipped according to the field, weather conditions (camel back, reinforced shoes, survival blanket, etc.)

The Trail will be run under the sign of respect for the environment and the protection of the area in partnership with the ONF:

  • the organization will set up a waste area after water supply points.
  • each trailer must have its own personal cup (no plastic cups on the refreshments)
  • a cleaning team will do the three routes to clean up the site after the race.

Anyone in the organization has the authority to ensure proper compliance with this chart and the safety rules.


In 2021, the Challenge Trail Nature 06 was awarded with the label «Développement durable, le sport s'engage»  by the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF). This label attests to the exemplary approach taken with regard to «Agenda 21 du sport français» and the «Chart sport pour le développement durable»

• Get involved by signing the "L'arbre dema Nature" eco-citizenship chart.
• Get the free electric bike loan.
• Share Nature Pour Tous information: information on selective waste sorting... 


Less CO2 during your journeys !

Use the buses Lignes d’Azur or think about carpooling